Grant Requirements of The Waterfield Foundation

Waterfield Foundation pic
Waterfield Foundation

Financier Richard Waterfield serves as the Co-Chairman of The Waterfield Group, a company with divisions active in energy, asset management, and technology. Richard Waterfield is also involved with The Waterfield Foundation, Inc., in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

A nonprofit organization, The Waterfield Foundation awards grants to charitable and educational initiatives in The United States of America and it’s territories. It evaluates applications for community development, arts and humanities projects, education, health, and human resources.

While applications are required for all grantees, the foundation sometimes seeks out worthy recipients on its own. Qualifying recipient organizations must be exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Alternately, such groups can be agencies or departments of the State of Indiana. Foundations with a section 509(a) designation under the Internal Revenue Code are not eligible.

The foundation selects well-established agencies to fund, with grants covering operating expenses and specific programs. Although the foundation prefers to aid causes that draw on private support, it will consider government-affiliated programs if they serve a community need.


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