Grant Requirements of The Waterfield Foundation

Waterfield Foundation pic
Waterfield Foundation

Financier Richard Waterfield serves as the Co-Chairman of The Waterfield Group, a company with divisions active in energy, asset management, and technology. Richard Waterfield is also involved with The Waterfield Foundation, Inc., in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

A nonprofit organization, The Waterfield Foundation awards grants to charitable and educational initiatives in The United States of America and it’s territories. It evaluates applications for community development, arts and humanities projects, education, health, and human resources.

While applications are required for all grantees, the foundation sometimes seeks out worthy recipients on its own. Qualifying recipient organizations must be exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Alternately, such groups can be agencies or departments of the State of Indiana. Foundations with a section 509(a) designation under the Internal Revenue Code are not eligible.

The foundation selects well-established agencies to fund, with grants covering operating expenses and specific programs. Although the foundation prefers to aid causes that draw on private support, it will consider government-affiliated programs if they serve a community need.


The Latest from Waterfield Technologies

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Waterfield Technologies

The co-chairman and chief executive officer of The Waterfield Group, Richard Waterfield oversees a financial organization that offers solutions in private banking, agriculture, and asset management, among other fields. Additionally, Richard Waterfield holds key positions with its numerous subsidiaries, including Waterfield Technologies.

A top provider of voice and mobile customer interaction solutions, Waterfield Technologies has earned recognition for providing enterprise-grade voice and mobile solutions for iOS and Android platforms. Its experience in creating individualized telecommunication solutions across many sectors has garnered it partnerships with other tech firms. North America’s only Voxeo Master Reseller, Waterfield Technologies develops and delivers customized business applications for the entity’s carrier-grade network.

In October 2013, Waterfield Technologies signed a strategic channel relationship agreement with Aspect Software. The deal enables Waterfield Technologies to deliver Aspect Software’s complete line of customer contact and workforce optimization programs that assist with client interaction management, back office solution, and other corporate needs. Tom Shepherd, the vice president of worldwide channel and alliance sales for the software developer, praised Waterfield’s “technology competencies” and its “full range of on-premise and on-demand delivery solutions.”

Master Steve Ross Teaches Tang Soo Do

Financial executive Richard Waterfield serves as the co-chairman and chief executive officer of The Waterfield Group, a collection of companies that maintains properties in areas ranging from real estate and investment banking to technology and estate planning. Outside of his professional duties, Richard Waterfield is a black belt in karate and trained under Master Steve Ross.

Currently the owner of West Coast Tang Soo Do Karate Academy (a.k.a. Soo Bahk Do), Master Steve Ross has dedicated much of his life to martial arts. Beginning his studies when he was 11 years old, Master Ross began competing six years later. Although focused on the ancient Korean practice of tang soo do, he also possesses experience in tae kwon do, goju-ryu, judo, and hand-to-hand combat.

Master Steve Ross has received international recognition for his abilities in self-defense. He earned victories in regional, state, and national competitions, as well as first place in the 1986 World Martial Arts Championship. Military personnel, executives, and celebrities such as Jean-Claude Van Damme have utilized his services as a bodyguard and trainer. In 2010, Master Ross was inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame.